Monday, October 3, 2022

Iran Will Never Sit for Talks with Bullies: Rouhani

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says Iranians believe in logic and negotiation, but the Islamic Republic will never surrender to the enemy's bullying.

Rouhani referred to the US bid to coerce Iran into sitting for talks, and said Tegran is not willing to hold such talks even if all the world powers call for it.

Addressing a group of artists and cultural activists in Tehran on Saturday evening, Rouhani stressed the Iranian nation is logical and ready to negotiate, and it has the strength and ability to do this.

“The whole world has acquiesced that the Islamic Republic is so capable that it can negotiate and reach agreement with the six major powers of the world,” he noted.

“In the course of the [nuclear] negotiations, we were able to annul seven UN resolutions [against us] at the UN Security Council on a single day. This was an honour for Iran and the Iranian diplomacy. So we believe in logic, negotiation and dialogue, but we are not afraid of anyone, and we will never surrender to anyone who wants to bully [us].”

Rouhani also pointed out that today, apart from three to four countries and the Israeli regime, no country in the world approves of the US’s stance.

“The issue was raised at the Security Council last year under the chairmanship of Donald Trump and all 14 members opposed Trump and supported Iran. This is something unprecedented in the history of the United Nations,” added the Iranian president.

Rouhani’s comments come against the backdrop of US President Donald Trump’s claims that its “maximum pressure” strategy would finally bring Tehran to the negotiating table.

Despite his hype against Tehran during the past weeks, the US president has softened his war rhetoric against Tehran.

Trump told his acting defense secretary this week he does not want to go to war against Iran. His comments on Wednesday at the White House appeared to put the brakes on rising tensions with Tehran. Trump spoke up after a warning from the Pentagon that another military conflict in the Middle East would carry a heavy price.

Many believe that Trump’s hostile impulses towards the Islamic Republic were beefed up by advisers who urged the president to withdraw from the nuclear agreement forged by the previous administration.

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