Iran Urges Respect for Rule of Law in Spain

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bahram Qassemi has referred to the latest developments in Spain’s Catalonia and underlined the necessity of abiding by the rule of law, avoiding violence and pursuing demands through peaceful and legal means.

On the recent violence and unrest in Spain’s Catalonia, Qassemi said Spain is one of the main political and economic partners of the Islamic Republic in Europe and Iran is closely monitoring the developments in Spain and its Catalonia region.

“Based on its principles, Iran believes in a united, integrated, and democratic Spain and calls for maintaining the country’s stability, peace, national solidarity, and respect for the principles of Spain’s Constitution,” he noted.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran underlines the need for abiding by the rule of law, avoiding violence and confrontation, and pursuing demands through peaceful and legal means and dialogue,” he went on to say.

“Iran maintains that through national unification and synergy, the entire nation of Spain can better and further meet their interests, preserve their political stability and economic growth,” he added.

Catalans held a referendum on October 1 to announce independence from Spain. The central government in Madrid called the votes illegal and against the country’s Constitution. Hundreds of people in Catalonia were injured in violent clashes with police during the referendum day. Injuries came after riot police, with full gear, clashed with pro-independence people who had convened in front of the polling stations.

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