Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Iran Summons Swiss Envoy to Protest US Claims on Missiles 

Iran's foreign ministry has summoned the Swiss ambassador to Tehran on Tuesday to protest against the baseless claims made by the US ambassador to the United Nations regarding Iran’s supply of missiles to Yemen.

In a Tuesday statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said the Swiss ambassador to Tehran, whose country represents the US interests in Iran, was summoned by the Islamic Republic to receive Iran’s strong protest against Nikki Haley’s baseless and inconsiderate allegations.

“During the meeting, the ministry’s director general for Americas submitted Iran’s formal complaint to the Swiss envoy, and condemned the provocative, irresponsible, and baseless statements of the US Ambassador to the United Nations on the transfer of missiles and weapons from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Yemen, saying that these allegations are based on fake documents,” added Qassemi.

He also mentioned that in this meeting Iran referred to the direct involvement of the US government in the killing and massacre of innocent people in Yemen, stressing that the sale of billions of dollars of deadly weapons to Saudi Arabia, including cluster bombs, is the major cause of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

“It was also noted that the US government is breaching the Security Council’s resolutions on Yemen, and instead of responding to the international community, Washington intends to deceive them by accusing others and supporting the aggressors in the region. However, such moves are of no value to the people of the region and the world anymore.”

The Iranian spokesman underlined that, in this formal complaint, Iran’s foreign ministry has dismissed the charges brought by Washington regarding Iran’s supply of missiles to Yemen, stressing that it is a clear instance of provoking violence and declaring war in the region, and the US government will be held accountable for its possible serious consequences.

“The Swiss ambassador also stated that, as the representative of US interests, he would inform the US government about the issue.”

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