Thursday, September 29, 2022

Iran Slams US Treasury for Imposing Bans on Several Iranian Nationals

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has blasted the US Treasury for slapping bans on a number of Iranian individuals and accusing them of cyber spying.

In a Sunday statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi condemned the US Treasury’s imposition of sanctions against a few Iranian nationals as a politically motivated, injudicious and groundless move.

Qassemi said the United States has, over the past few years, always been one of the countries which have been the origin and hub of cyber-attacks against Iranian organizations and state institutions.

“Levelling untrue and unfounded accusations against Iranian nationals and claiming they have been involved in cyber-attacks is an irrelevant and unwarranted allegation, and runs counter to individuals’ basic right to have access to free flow of information and the cyberspace,” he noted.

“The US government’s move is in breach of all known legal and international regulations,” said the spokesman.

Qassemi rejected the accusation that Iranian nationals have been involved in cyber spying, and added, “The United States’ recent move was in line with perpetuating the policy of Iranophobia adopted by statesmen ruling the White House, and the new sanctions against Iranian nationals are another example of Iranophobia and imposing restrictions on the Iranian people, who have stood up to the United States’ excessive demands and bellicose policies.”

He warned the US government against continuing such hostile policies against Iran, and urged American decision-makers and policy-makers to think more about the consequences of their failed and wrong policies as well as their Iranophobia strategy.

The spokesman called on them to stop unwise behaviour and go for rationality.

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