Friday, February 23, 2024

Iran Slams Leaks of Nuclear Info by IAEA

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has strongly criticized the International Atomic Energy Agency, saying it must not go beyond its authority and allow leak of technical details about Iran’s nuclear activities.

AEOI Spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said the IAEA should only publish a report on a member country’s nuclear program when there is a major change in its activities. Kamalvandi, however, said the Agency keeps reporting fine details on all aspects of Iran’s nuclear activities, which is “ill-boding”.

“We have sent our objections against this time and again … last time, in January 2021, we sent a full briefing notice on the issue asking why the Agency keeps publishing all the technical details on Iran’s activities,” he said.

“The information is mainly valuable in commercial terms, and should not be shared with others … unfortunately the IAEA has failed to do this and has shared valuable information, which was at its disposal, with others, in full details.”

He noted that the move by the Agency is a violation of its own regulations on “the necessity of keeping countries’ information confidential”.

Kamalvandi added that the repetition of the leaks from the Agency shows this is a trend, backed by certain countries of influence, as part of their “psychological warfare” against Iran.

Kamalvandi added that Iran will officially protest the leaks of its information from the Agency.

“If the trend continues, we will be forced to review our interaction with the Agency,” he also warned.

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