Thursday, February 2, 2023

Iran Says US Sabotaging Swiss ‘Humanitarian’ Channel

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi says the so-called humanitarian channel launched by the Swiss government on 3 December 2019 has been faced with the US sabotage, and Iran is not given the permission to transfer its resources to the channel.

Addressing a video press conference on Monday, Mousavi said that while sabotaging the channel, the US issues propaganda about its willingness to help Iran with COVID-19.

“We suspect the US intentions. If they had good intentions, they would have notified us before publicizing the issue. We see how hard they try to weaken our public morale by the means of fake news and statistics. As we suspect their intentions, we do not count on their help.”

Pointing to the Chinese government’s aid for Iran with the furiously spreading COVID-19, Mr. Mousavi hailed the country as a “friend” of Iran”, and said that “several cargoes and specialized teams have been dispatched [from there] to Iran,” and the Chinese “put their latest findings at Iran’s disposal.”

About the recent US-Taliban deal the official stressed that “all the roads to peace pass through an intra-Afghan consensus … led by their government … We support any efforts fostering the country’s stability. But we suspect the US intentions. The very presence of the US in the region is unlawful.”

“For some reasons, Iran has had contacts with Taliban with the knowledge of Afghan government … We go on with our talks with Taliban, with the [US-Taliban deal] having no impact on them,” Mousavi added.

As regards the bombardment by Turkey of Iranian advisory bases in Syria, he said “we have voiced our concerns and the solution to the current issue in Idlib is an immediate ceasefire and sticking to the Astana Process.”

Answering a question about the French starting its activities within the military coalition in the Persian Gulf, the spokesman did not name France specifically, but described “any foreign presence in the Persian Gulf region” as “not constructive and “causing insecurity and instability.”

“For thousands of years we have provided the security of this critical waterway with the help of the regional countries.”

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