Monday, September 26, 2022

“Iran Sanctions at Odds with Trump’s Call for Dialogue”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says Tehran believes in dialogue and logic, but the basic requirements for holding negotiation cannot be seen in the words and behaviours of US President Donald Trump and his administration.

In response to IRNA’s question on Trump’s call for holding talks with Iran without any preconditions, Qassemi said, “We must make sure if the president of the US, after being frustrated with his useless war of words, has decided to change the way he talks and stop talking with the language of threat to the Iranian people.”

The Iranian official added that the remarks made by US Secretary of State shortly after Trump’s speech were indeed a sign of confusion and chaos in the US’ foreign policy.

“Mr Trump’s call for dialogue with Iran comes at a time when the US government, without any justification and in contravention of all international standards, has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal, and imposed its unfair sanctions on the Iranian people again.”

The Iranian spokesperson said the Islamic Republic of Iran has proved in practice that it believes in dialogue and logic, and if it accepts an obligation, it will adhere to it.

“But can Donald Tramp also make such a claim? Holding negotiations needs some conditions and requirements, no sign of which has been seen in the words and behaviour of Trump and his colleagues so far.”

“How can he prove to the Iranian people that his Monday night’s remarks showed his true will and were not demagogic?” asked Qassemi.

Trump’s call for dialogue with Iran comes as the US Treasury Department’s delegates go from one country to another to push them to stop economic and trade cooperation with Iran, he noted.

The Iranian spokesman said sanctions and pressure are at odds with holding dialogue, which requires mutual respect and adherence to international obligations.

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