Saturday, December 3, 2022

Iran Rejects Accusations Raised in US’ Report on Terrorism

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has dismissed anti-Iran claims and accusations raised in an annual report by the US State Department on terrorism.

“The unfounded and baseless accusations levelled by the US against the Islamic Republic of Iran come as the Saturday terrorist attack on a military parade in Iran’s southwestern city of Ahvaz revealed to the world Iran is one of the main victims of terrorism,” Qassemi said in a Sunday statement.

“This is a completely clear and objective reality which has been neglected by regimes like that of the US over the past four decades. Such regimes continue to view their support for extremist and terrorist groups as a means to press ahead with their goals while pretending to be fighting terrorism,” he added.

Qassemi went on to say that various US administrations have long been adopting the policy of creating, strengthening, supporting and deploying terrorist groups in various parts of the world in order to implement their macro strategies for destabilizing other states.

“Publishing such annual reports, which are more like a blame game aimed at acquitting oneself and accusing others, unveils the US’ double and conflicting standards over the past decades,” he noted.

He said the Trump administration’s explicit support for notorious terrorist groups who have the blood of thousands of innocent Iranian civilians on their hands reveals the absurd and fake humanitarian and anti-terrorism gestures of Washington.

The spokesman then referred to the US regime’s support for several extremist and terrorist groups over the past years which led to a chain of crises in the Middle East and said the US accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran come as Washington’s contribution to the terrorist and extremist activities in the world as well as its new role in protecting the remnants of terrorists in Syria and transferring foreign terrorists to Afghanistan and central Asian states are no secret any more.

“Based on its policy of using terrorism as an instrument and its belief in good and bad terrorism, the US continues to prolong the lifetime of the nasty phenomenon of terrorism in the world particularly in the Middle East. The US must be held accountable for the brutal behaviours and measures of the groups,” he noted.

The spokesman advised the US administration and officials to abandon their old policies of promoting Iranophobia and levelling unfounded and unrealistic accusations against the country and called on them to correct their mistakes and wrong policies towards the region through certain measures including cutting its connection with known and unknown terrorist cells.

He also said the US administration should begin its fight against regional terrorism and extremism through fully transparent coordination with the regional states.

The US should also replace its policy of supporting terrorist groups to kill innocent people with the new policy of serving humans and humanity, he added.

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