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Iran urges realities regarding Taliban killing of Iranian diplomats, journalist 25 years ago

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the Taliban killing of Iranian diplomats and a journalist in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan 25 years ago.

On August 8, 1998, and amid the civil war in Afghanistan, when the Taliban overran the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif, armed Taliban men attacked the Iranian consulate and killed eight Iranian diplomats and one journalist.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said this day is a reminder of the tragic martyrdom of the Iranian diplomats and journalist in Afghanistan, who were killed by the Taliban, “contrary to moral, humanitarian and international obligations.”

While condemning this bitter and unforgettable incident, the Iranian Foreign Ministry undermined the need for shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the incident, which it said “is a definite demand by the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The statement adds, “The widespread condemnation of this crime by the international community and the noble Afghan people’s solidarity and their sympathy marked a shining manifestation of the unity between peoples of Iran and Afghanistan. This persuaded the Islamic Republic of Iran to magnanimously exercise restraint, stand by the Afghan brothers and sisters in line with the best interests of both nations.”

The ministry also underlined the need to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan, saying “Even now, after so many years of war and instability in Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the formation of a government consisting of all Afghan social strata, factions and ethnic groups can pave the way for the long-suffering people of Afghanistan to move toward development, progress and prosperity and can strengthen their power in the face of ordeals and hardships.”

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