Thursday, October 6, 2022

Iran ready to export technical services to Egypt: Deputy minister

Tehran-Cairo disputes have never been deep-rooted; both nations have a common stand on various regional and international matters, said Khazaei.

Deputy Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs and head of Iranian Technical and Economic Investments and Services Center Mohammad Khazaei said on Saturday Iran is ready to export technical and engineering services to Egypt.

Mohammad Khazaei told a conference titled “Iran and Egypt: Future Prospect”, co-sponsored by the Iranian Foreign Ministry and the Egyptian Al-Ahram Institute in Tehran, that despite the imposed sanctions, Iran’s economic capacities are very high.

“That is the reason why Iran has exported technical and engineering services to various countries and Iranian engineers are currently busy constructing dams and other infrastructure facilities around the globe,” he said.

Khazaei said that Egypt can earn $2 billion to $3 billion each year through visits by Iranian tourists.

The official described Iran’s health tourism capabilities as a field for bilateral cooperation.

He expressed hope that Tehran-Cairo relations would reach a level that the two countries will focus on the establishment of a joint economic commission.

Iran’s former ambassador to the UN said that the Iran-Egypt disputes have never been deep-rooted and regardless of changes of governments in both countries Tehran and Cairo have a common stand on various regional and international issues.

He said that he had been a colleague of three Egyptian permanent UN envoys, adding: “I do not remember a single instance of Iran and Egypt having different views on any human rights or disarmament resolution put to vote at the UN.

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