Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Iran is proponent of new world order: FM

Zarif said Iran is proponent of the new world order and reshaping the power structure of the international community in light of privileges in economy and technology of every member state.


At a transitional period when the bipolar world has ended and the unipolar world has not taken shape yet, the time for voluntary isolation has gone and every nation prefers to interact with the other members of the international community to secure its standing and institutionalize influence in decision making of the international community, Zarif wrote in a foreword to the book titled as ˈDiplomacy at the Age of Globalization, from Theory to Practiceˈ.

He noted that in the current period, the power struggle among the nations is changing from military confrontation to privileges every nation can acquire in economy and technology.

He asserted that those countries which do not take a right approach in this period will miss the opportunities and will be driven to isolation.

He recommended that the Islamic Republic of Iran must utilize the privilege of 2,500-year civilization of Iran and sponsor dialogue with other members of the international community to exercise influence on governance of world community.

Iranˈs cultural heritage and its great civilization along with its independent seeking discourse rooted in the Islamic Revolution culture has increased the Iranian potentials to have a key role in the formation of new world order, the foreign minister underscored.

Islamic Republic News Agency
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