Thursday, December 1, 2022

Iran Produces Sheets for Direct Reduction Pipes

An Iranian steel company has reportedly managed to roll out sheets used to produce pipes for direct reduction.

“By changing the composition of its products, the Mobarakeh Steel Company has managed to produce sheets used in pipes for direct reduction,” Shahrokh Pour-Mostadam, a metallurgy expert, was quoted by IMNA as saying.

He said the Mobarakeh Still Company has added around half a percent of molybdenum to iron during the process of melting as the substance increases iron’s durability in high temperatures and boosts its resistance to corrosion.

Moreover, he added, the temperature was carefully controlled in producing hot iron rolls and the standard mechanical properties were controlled.

As a result, the expert added, they managed to produce the sheets required by Iranian factories.

He said the sheets measure up to ASTM standards and are a kind of alloy steel containing molybdenum.

According to the official, Iran did not have the knowhow to produce this kind of sheets, but has now developed the technology, which saves the nation huge sums of foreign currency.

He said the sheets produced at the Mobarakeh Steel Company have high quality and are on a par with similar products produced overseas.

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