Iran police: 322 killed in car accidents since March 17

An Iranian traffic police commander says 322 people have been killed in car accidents across Iran since March 17.

Brigadier General Seyyed Teimour Hosseini said the deaths include people who died on roads and inside cities.

He attributed most of these incidents to violation of traffic rules and regulations by drivers.

Hosseini said speeding and inability to control vehicles are the most common causes of road crashes and accidents. He noted that half of the incidents happened from 12:00 to 20:00 o’clock.

Hosseini also said that traffic on roads across Iran has increased by 41 percent, saying police are now preparing for the first wave of returns by Nowruz passengers and the second wave of trips.

Hosseini warned of low visibility in southern and central Iran as weather forecasts predict dusty conditions in those regions.

The police official said all people should manage the timing of their return because the limited capacity of roads can cause heavy traffic jams.

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