Thursday, November 30, 2023

Iran, Nicaragua Slam US Sanctions on Independent Nations

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has discussed a range of bilateral issues as well as the US sanctions in separate meetings with top Nicaraguan officials including President Daniel Ortega.

In a Monday meeting with Ortega, Zarif once again berated Washington for imposing sanctions on countries.

“Contrary to all laws, regulations and resolutions, the US government commits economic terrorism against independent nations,” said the top Iranian diplomat.

Zarif then underlined Iran and Nicaragua can forge cooperation in a whole range of areas, namely trade, industry, energy, agriculture, financial domains, etc., stressing Tehran’s determination to enhance mutual ties on all fronts.

The Nicaraguan president, in turn, said his country never accepts the concept of US sanctions as they are not in accordance with international law.

“Washington’s sanctions on the Iranian and Nicaraguan nations are unilateral and illegal,” he said.

Ortega underscored that everybody is dismayed at the situation created by the US in the world, but some do not express it.

“The White House insults the whole world, even its own allies, using the means of blackmail and violating international trade regulations,” he said, adding that such behaviour will boomerang on the US.

Iran, Nicaragua Slam US Sanctions on Independent Nations

Nicaragua Urges Unity among Countries under US Sanctions

President of Nicaragua’s National Assembly Gustavo Porras Cortés has also called on all countries in the world suffering from the US sanctions to unite against Washington’s unilateralism.

Speaking in a Monday meeting with Zarif, the Nicaraguan official said there is no doubt about the unity of all countries suffering from the US’ pressure and economic terrorism.

“The anti-arrogance front is faced with the media propaganda and economic war of the US and its allies, and that necessitates our unity,” he added.

Zarif, in turn, conveyed the warm greetings of Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani to the Nicaraguan official, inviting Porras Cortés to visit Iran on behalf of the Iranian top lawmaker.

The Iranian foreign minister touched upon various areas of cooperation between the two countries, saying Tehran is ready to further enhance and deepen its relations with Managua on all fronts, especially in the domain of economy.

Zarif also referred to the 40th anniversary of the victory of revolutions of both countries, and said, “The Americans didn’t like to see even the first anniversaries of these two revolutions, but the two countries are now witnessing the 40th anniversaries [of the triumph] of their revolutions, and we will disappoint them for the next forty years as well.”

The Monday meeting was also attended by members of the Parliament’s Presiding Board as well as members of the Iran-Nicaragua Parliamentary Friendship Group.

Zarif earlier held talks with a number of Nicaraguan ministers and senior government officials in Managua.

The Monday talks were attended by the Nicaraguan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Industry, Development and Commerce, Minister of Finance and Public Credit, President of the Central Bank of Nicaragua, President of the Trade Development Centre, and the chairman of the Sandinistas’ faction at the Nicaraguan National Assembly.

During the meeting, the two sides explored avenues for developing and enhancing Tehran-Managua relations, especially in the economic field.

The high-level meeting also resulted in an agreement on preparing a roadmap for economic, trade, financial, and industrial cooperation between the two sides and with regional countries.

Iran, Nicaragua Slam US Sanctions on Independent Nations

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