Monday, March 4, 2024

Iran MP: No country has so far released frozen Tehran assets

A member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security Commission says consultations were held with several countries, where Iranian assets were frozen due to US sanctions, however, this had no result.

Commenting about reports that a large portion of frozen Iranian assets in other countries will be released soon, Shariair Heidari added, “Some of these countries expressed readiness but, so far, they have failed to make any payments. In the latest meeting we had with relevant officials, they announced that some of these assets are planned to be released.”

“Some countries, where our forex funds are blocked there, are delaying things until an agreement on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is reached, so they release our funds. After the agreement there would be no reason to block [our assets]. And if there is no agreement, they may come up with excuses again. However, as they have realized that an agreement is close, they are showing some flexibility. I hope our forex resources, which belong to our country, are released as soon as possible.” he told Entekhab news website.

Heidari added that some countries are saying that the blocked Iranian funds will be released before the agreement on the 2015 nuclear deal and others think differently.

“What is clear is that these funds have been blocked unjustly and only due to the sanctions,” he said.

Heidari also said the largest portion of Iranian funds are blocked in Iraq and South Korea.

The lawmaker said Koreans have repeatedly pledged to release the Iranian assets but they have failed to fulfill their pledges.

“We expect these countries to release our assets sooner than other countries,” he said.

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