Monday, March 4, 2024

Iran calls on ICC to prosecute Israeli officials over Gaza war

Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian penned two letters to the International Criminal Court's president and prosecutor, emphasizing the need for the ICC to initiate judicial proceedings for the recent Israel's crimes in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Referring to the barbaric bombardment of Gaza and the land invasion of the enclave by Israel, which resulted in the martyrdom of more than 15,000 innocent people and injured over 32,000, the Minister of Foreign Affairs called these acts examples of serious international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

Amirabdollahian considered the support of some countries for the usurping Zionist regime as the cause of bullying, enabling the continuation of the regime’s brutality and violence in committing international crimes with complete peace and impunity.

He stressed the International Criminal Court’s legal obligation to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes and end impunity.

Regarding the Palestinian case before the Court, the top diplomat viewed the Court’s action as a test of its judicial independence and impartiality. He added that it’s time for the Court to resist pressure and interests of certain powers, deciding whether to allow the atrocities committed by the occupying regime to go unpunished.

Amirabdollahian urged the International Criminal Court not to allow the perpetrators of serious international crimes to escape punishment. He emphasized the importance of the Court adhering to its main duty outlined in the Rome Statute by avoiding double standards, selectivity, and politicization to ensure the efficient prosecution of those responsible for such serious international crimes.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues its diplomatic, international, and legal activities in line with implementing the law to counter the hostile actions of the Zionist regime against peace and security, as approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in May 2020. These efforts also align with supporting the oppressed people of Palestine, Gaza’s martyrs, and the wounded.”

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