Sunday, September 25, 2022

“Iran Has No Information on Levinson’s Fate”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman says the country has no information about the fate and whereabouts of former FBI agent Robert Levinson.

In reaction to a statement by the US State Department about the American national, Bahram Qassemi noted, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has already announced time and again that the person in question had traveled to Iran at a certain point in time, and then left Iran, and [Tehran] has no information about his fate after he left the country.”

He said Iran adopted a humanitarian approach towards the issue in order to help Levinson’s family.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has no commitment to the US government regarding the issue, and Iran’s assistance in the past was on humanitarian grounds,” the spokesman said.

Qassemi said US officials have already announced that they identified the whereabouts of the former FBI agent somewhere in South Asia.

“Bringing the accusation that Iran is not cooperating on the issue is undoubtedly a baseless claim because the Islamic Republic of Iran, taking humanitarian issues into account, has denied no help in that regard,” Qassemi added.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s assistance and cooperation concerning the issue of the American national come as the US government, in return, has adopted an inhumane approach when it comes to helping the Iranian nationals detained in the United States. The US has not only kept them in prisons and long-term detention, but also does not allow their families to visit them.”

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