Friday, September 30, 2022

Iran Dismisses US VP’s ‘Baseless’ Accusations

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has rejected US Vice-President Mike Pence’s anti-Iran remarks, saying that repeating ‘baseless’ accusations against the Islamic Republic will end up in failure.

In a Thursday statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said, “The US officials’ move to repeat baseless accusations against Iran reveal either they have intentionally closed their eyes to the reality of ISIS’ huge defeats in Iraq and Syria or they are deeply shocked by the collapse of the terrorist group and their loss of control over the territories in the region.”

“Accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorism by the US officials comes as the Islamic Republic of Iran has always viewed the security of the region as its own security.”

Qassemi said it is more than five years that Iran has responsibly stood by the nations and governments of both Iraq and Syria with the main goal of preserving the regional peace and security.

“We remained steadfast in our fight against terrorism to witness today, along with the concerned people and victims of the killings, violence and terrors of ISIS in different parts of the world, the eradication of the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.”

The spokesman stressed no individual or state can deny the constructive and positive role of Iran in fight against the ‘nasty phenomenon’ of terrorism in the region and the whole world.

Qassemi also referred to the deceptive approach of the US towards the Middle East, ‘which is based on sowing the seed of divisions among the regional states’, and said the approach has led to growing insecurity, expansion of terrorism and increase of potential and current regional tensions.

“Regardless of the baseless, worn-out, and invalid accusations levelled by the US officials, the Islamic Republic of Iran still maintains that dialogue, cooperation and mutual respects among regional states are the only way to cleanse the Middle East of terrorism, tensions and catastrophic and destructive wars.”

“Meanwhile, we believe it is the only option available which can guarantee the security and stability of the regional nations in the near future,” he added.

The spokesman recommended that the trans-regional states either play a constructive and effective role to end the current plight in the region or stop causing rift among the regional states and abandon their policy of coercing and creating artificial threats among regional states, which consequently increases mistrust among them.

“Undoubtedly, establishing peace and security, respecting the sovereignty of the regional states, refraining from interference in the domestic affairs of others, fighting against terrorism, and avoiding double-standard policies, all in all, end up in the interest of all regional and world states,” he concluded.

Qassemi’s remarks came after US Vice-President Pence referred to President Trump’s decision to attempt redefining the terms of the Iran nuclear deal, saying, “We will no longer tolerate Iran’s support for terrorism across the region and across the entire world.”

In an address to an event in New York organized by the Israeli mission to the United Nations and the World Jewish Congress on Tuesday, Pence stressed the US will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.

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