Saturday, November 26, 2022

Iran Develops Homegrown Electric Motor Soft Starter

An entrepreneur in Iran’s East Azarbaijan province has built a soft starter which runs electric motors.

Until a few years ago, all the software used in Iranian industries was supplied through imports, mainly from European countries. But now with the effort of Iranian scientists the know-how has been indegenized.

According to Mahdi Fat’h-Ali Pour, CEO of “Araz Tableau Tabriz Company”, the knowledge-based product made by his company equates to similar foreign samples in terms of quality and standard.

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“The company is the first and only manufacturer of soft starter in the country and there are no similar domestic examples in the market.”

The company’s CEO also noted that the main application of soft starters is in the water industry and it can, of course, be used in many other industries as well.

One way of controlling the flow of electromotor startups is to use a soft starter or a soft driver. Soft starter is a device that does a soft start, so connecting it to an electromotor can make it a smooth job to run an electromotor.

Advantages include eliminating tidal current and instant rotation at startup, extending engine and pump life, as well as increasing system reliability and efficiency.

Other benefits of soft starters include reducing the size of cables and network connectivity keys due to reduced motor current that result in reduction of maintenance costs.

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