Saturday, November 26, 2022

Iran Denounces Pompeo’s Interventionist Remarks

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has condemned US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s backing for rioters who triggered unrest in some Iranian cities over the past few days.

In a Sunday statement, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said Pompeo is, by no means, identifying with Iranian people by making such interventionist comments.

“Glorious Iranian people know well that such hypocritical remarks contain no honest and affectionate sympathy,” he said.

“Actions by a handful of anarchists and vandals supported by people like him (Pompeo) have nothing to do with the demeanour of the majority of wise and insightful Iranian people,” he said.

Mousavi touched upon the US government’s wicked and malicious intentions, especially those of the US secretary of state, about Iranian people.

“Surprisingly enough, he is expressing sympathy with people who are under US economic pressure,” he said.

The spokesman underlined that the US secretary of state has already announced loud and clear that Iranian people should be starved in order to succumb to Washington’s demands.

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