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Iran calls for Yemen truce, UN-centered initiative to end war

Iran has repeated its call for an end to the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen through fair and practical efforts and initiatives for the removal of the blockade, establishment of truce and beginning of Yemeni-Yemeni negotiations.

In a statement on the 7th anniversary of the Saudi-led military aggression against Yemen, the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran rapped the double standards of the Western countries regarding the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Yemen.

The full statement is as follows:

The destructive war and the cruel blockade of the coalition against the people of Yemen is entering its eighth year as it has led to this resilient country facing the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the century and the direct and indirect consequences of this war has, more than anyone, affected innocent civilians, women and children and has led to the destruction of vital infrastructure and health, livelihood, economic and educational facilities of Yemen.

The invading coalition, over the past seven years, has not settled for bombing and missile strikes, and has used an inhuman and illegal blockade as leverage to score political and military points, while imposing the worst economic war and the most severe blockade on Yemen by blocking land, air and sea access points and barring the entry of food, fuel and other necessities of the people.

These inhuman crimes by the invading coalition, in the light of arms sales by its western and American backers and their double standards and partial approach in the United Nations Security Council, has led to persistent violation of all international and humanitarian laws concerning Yemen’s crisis.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, just as in the past, supports any sort of fair and practical effort and initiative for the removal of the blockade, establishment of truce and beginning of Yemeni-Yemeni negotiations, away from foreign interference, in the light of efforts by the United Nations’ special envoy, and considers a political solution, led by the Yemenis, as the only way out of the crisis in Yemen.

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