Saturday, January 28, 2023

Iran Builds Ultra-Cold Tanks to Store Refined Oil

A group of Iranian researchers have manufactured ultra-cold tanks used to store refined oil and its derivatives after purification.

One of the most important issues in the oil extraction and refining industries and their derivatives is the storage of these materials after purification and preparation for consumption.

Recently, a knowledge-based company has started manufacturing and exporting ultra-cold tanks to store these derivatives. These tanks are among the most advanced equipment in the world.

“It consists of two tanks, and the main one is inside an outer shell,” said a member of board of directors of a company called Cryogenic Tankers.

The space between these two tanks is composed of insulators such as perlite, which is based on the molecular sieve method.

The inner tank tubes are made of stainless steel. Along with the many tests carried out on the tank, it ensures the quality and excellence of the gaseous liquids, which is an important factor in maintaining the purity of the gases, Mohammad-Reza Mahmoudian underlined.

“These tanks are built using advanced techniques and technologies under the quality control procedure,” he added.

“Numerous parts in design and construction make these vessels one of the most advanced equipment in the world.”

Cryogenic tanks have many applications in the refinery and petrochemical industry, including tanks of liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon and CO2. Reservoirs used in petrochemical complexes are usually high-capacity.

Previously this technology used to be imported from Turkey, China, India, Germany and France.

This researcher pointed to the export of the product, saying “The steel plants in Iraqi Kurdistan were equipped with the Iranian company’s products. The company’s products have also been exported to Syria and Afghanistan.”

Chairman of the board of directors of this knowledge-based company added that the company has created job for 70 people directly.

Mahmoudian referred to the differences in the prices of the company’s products and similar foreign ones, saying that in the hospital equipment sector the price difference is more than twice but in the steel industry the difference is lower.

“With the production of this equipment, about $5 million is saved annually, which, given the large capacity in the country, could reach about $300 million,” concluded Mahmoudian.

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