Thursday, June 20, 2024

Iran building two new nuclear plants in Bushehr: Official

Provincial Governor for Bushehr says two new nuclear power plants are being built in the provincial capital along the Persian Gulf, south of Iran.

Ahmad Mohammadizadeh said on Thursday that the two nuclear plants would certainly attract a large population to the city.

He added that a free trade zone would also be built on land measuring 26,000 hectares in area.

He said the province needed land to settle the new population, adding that 1,772 hectares of land would be attached to Bushehr City, and more than 228 hectares to five nearby counties.

The addition of the new land would be accompanied by the construction of new housing units, resulting in the creation of a new city near Bushehr to account for new urban development plans including the nuclear power plants.

The necessary infrastructure and facilities will also be built for the new city, he emphasized.
The province is already home to the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), between the fishing villages of Halileh and Bandargeh along the Persian Gulf.

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