Monday, September 26, 2022

Iran Blasts Trump’s Baseless, Interventionist Allegations

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman slammed as “interfering, repetitious and baseless” the recent allegations that US President Donald Trump made against Tehran in a Saudi visit, describing the US policy of fomenting Iranophobia as a tactic to sell more arms to the regional states.

In comments on Monday, Bahram Qassemi strongly criticized the new US administration for its “deceitful stances, interfering remarks, and destructive and provocative measures”, one day after Trump accused Iran of stoking the fires of sectarian conflict and terror during a trip to Riyadh.

The Iranian spokesman also reminded the US officials of their pre-election assertions that the previous American administration has had a role in the creation and support of Takfiri terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIL), calling on Trump administration to end the policy of bellicosity, interference, Iranophobia, and arms sale to the real sponsors of terrorism.

During his trip to Riyadh, Trump signed a nearly $110 billion defense deal with Saudi Arabia.

Elsewhere in his comments, Qassemi recommended the regional countries to care about their people’s welfare and respect their right to decide their fate instead of spending billions of dollars on attracting US support.

Dismissing Trump’s accusation that Iran is destabilizing the region, Qassemi said the tragic irony is that the US itself has been providing the Zionist regime of Israel with military, financial and intelligence supports for decades in suppression of the Palestinian nation, and has been also involved in the killing of Yemeni people by arming certain Arab states of the Persian Gulf region.

The spokesman finally underlined that Iran, as a democratic and stable state, enjoys popular support, and would not change its policy of seeking peace and calm, respecting good neighborliness, and fighting against violence and extremism.

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