History to Remember Unfair Judgement against Iran’s Olympic Weightlifter

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Ali Moradi, the president of Iranian Weightlifting Federation, slammed the unfair judgment passed by the jury against Iran’s Behdad Salimi at Rio Olympics, and stressed that it will remain in history forever.

According to a report by IRNA, as translated by IFP, Moradi said the jury’s injustice against Behdad will remain in history forever.

“Behdad lifted 245 kilograms and despite getting three white lights from the judges, the jury did not accept the result,” Moradi said, concluding that “all this attest to the fact that they did not want Iran to win gold.”

behdad salimi 4According to Moradi, although Iranian coaching team severely protested their contentious move, Tamás Aján, the President of the International Weightlifting Federation, said there is nothing they can do.

“It is unfortunate that their behaviour has tarnished the spirit of Olympics and dragged the essence of sports under a big question mark,” Moradi regretted.

He described the presence of special police forces in the competition venues as an inappropriate measure for maintaining security.

Security forces were called to the Olympic weightlifting arena on Tuesday after Iranian coaches reacted furiously when Talakhadze beat Salimi with a world record tally in the men’s super-heavyweights.

behdad salimi3Salimi had set a new world record of 216kg in the snatch to lead Georgian lifter Lasha Talakhadze by 1kg going into the clean and jerk.

Judges ruled that the 26-year-old super heavyweight’s first jerk was a no lift. The jury then dramatically over-ruled the judges’ decision that his second lift had been legitimate.

Salimi thought he had successfully raised 245kg above his head but the panel of referees on the jury ruled that his left arm had not been straight, AFP wrote.

“Why should they take this from us so easily?” Salimi told reporters, as reported by Tasnim.

“There’s a malfunction in the system, people saw what happened,” he added.

“Tamás Aján told me ‘you did well’ but I don’t know why the judges’ decisions went against me,” Salimi said.

behdad salimi“There’s a conspiracy. Our enemies were on the jury,” an irate Iranian coach Sajjad Anoushiravani told reporters, appearing to be referring to a judge from Iraq.

“It’s obvious they took the medal from Salimi. The jury was selected for this to happen. He is a gold medallist from London. He broke the world record here. They may as well throw the whole thing in the trash,” said Anoushiravani.

“It was getting ugly and we asked the competition manager to call security because of the behaviour by the Iranian officials,” said Sam Coffa, chairman of the International Weightlifting Federation’s technical committee.

behdad salimi 10“It was an unfortunate end to the Games,” said Coffa.

Iranian supporters in the crowd of more than 5,000 booed the Georgian, the final weightlifting gold medallist of the Rio Games.



  1. unfair game. unfair world. This is not new thing for iranian. this time they break 80 million heart again and again. shame on juri. how they sleep that night? such people make world Unreliable place. where is humanity.we see juri behave unfair, why his rivals takes no action? It was like war.
    behdad have very hard and high risk surgery. It was possible for him to loss his leg. But he accept it for his people hearts. No on cant put himself in behdad shoe. He risk his leg for his people hearts and happiness. Medal(gold) is just a piece of iron.
    As iranian i am happy because behdad didn’t do such action to his rivals. if behdad was on one of them,I can not forgive him because of his inhumanity. I’m happy because he was behdad. I am proud of behdad. Please don’t cry, it breaks my hard. This not important how many times i revive your compete “my heart aches for you”. PLZ dont cry.
    Think about yaman, suriya and Palestine(they guest bet them and throw them out of their own home and country but world never justice them. today brother afraid of his brother and cant host them).
    unfair world.

  2. Iranian supporters did not boo the Georgian weight lifter; they booed the referees for unfairnes and stripping Salimi of his medal.


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