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Hezbollah chief says resistance front foiled US Middle East project

Leader of Hezbollah movement Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has stated that the resistance front managed to thwart America’s so-called Greater Middle East project through its victory in the 2006 war on Lebanon waged by Israel.

Speaking at a televised address on Wednesday, Nasrallah said the 2006 war was a key part of America’s Greater Middle East project, which he said aimed to solidify Israeli dominance over the region under American influence.

Nasrallah made the address on the 17th anniversary of the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon.

He stated the victory of the resistance front in 2006 also foiled the so-called Greater Israel Project and put the regime on the decline.

Nasrallah added the 2006 war’s goal was to crush the Lebanese resistance and to subjugate Lebanon, but such goals were never realized and Israelis and the Americans both admitted the failure of the war on Lebanon on several occasions.

He said the 2006 victory marked a defining moment in Lebanon’s history, shaping its destiny in the region for the years to come, adding that the victory also laid the groundwork for putting up deterrence that continues to exist to this day and has led to the erosion of Israeli deterrence.

Commenting on the recent desecration of a copy of the Holy Qur’an in Sweden, the Hezbollah leader stressed that the act of sacrilege was committed with the goal of “sowing division between Muslims and Christians.”

The perpetrator of the heinous act of profanity “is in liaison with [the Israeli spy agency] Mossad and sought to create division between” the people of the two faiths, Nasrallah stated.

The Christian clergy, however, stepped in and condemned the sacrilege, thus contributing much towards the prevention of sedition, he noted.

The Hezbollah chief, meanwhile, called on the people of the region to demand their respective governments to adopt more decisive stances on the issue of the desecration of the Muslim holy book.

Nasrallah added that Israel had suffered defeat in its recent operation against the city of Jenin and its refugee camp in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

“The goal sought by the Israelis in the aggression against Jenin was [creation of] deterrence,” he continued.

“However, the Israelis obtained a very opposite image,” said the Hezbollah leader, noting that “continuation of the resistance’s operations in the West Bank serves as the evidence of the defeat of the [Israeli regime’s] incursion in Jenin,” he stated.

Nasrallah, meanwhile, condemned the Israeli regime’s setting up of barbed wires and erection of a wall in the border village of Ghajar, considering the move to be a “re-occupation” of the village in question.

“Sovereignty [over the village] cannot be divided up,” he said, warning that the resistance would not remain silent on the issue.

“The village is part of Lebanon’s soil and should return to Lebanon without any condition,” he added.

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