Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Hamas Chief Appreciates Iran’s Support for Palestine

Hamas' Political Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh has sent a letter to the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to appreciate the support of the Iranian nation for the resistance movement and also thank the Leader guidelines in this regard.

In his letter Haniyeh has referred to the dimensions of the plot of arrogant (powers) against the holy Quds and the Palestinian people, which is aimed at overthrowing Gaza as a fortress of resistance and also ending the fight against the occupying regime to normalise the ties of regional rulers with the occupiers.

“With a massive Intifada in the West Bank and the holy Quds, God willing, we will neutralize the conspiracy of the tyrant of the time (Trump) and the plots of hypocrite rulers in the far and near capitals (who are seeking) to put an end to the Palestinians’ cause,” he added.

In this letter, Haniyeh has sent the greeting of the commanders and the fighters of the Hamas movement and all the people of Palestine to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation, calling the Iranians genuine people who live in a stable, strong and anti-arrogance country.

He has added that all the Palestinians appreciate the firm stance of the Islamic Republic on Palestine and Jerusalem al-Quds that supports the popular resistance of Palestine in different ways.

Hamas leader further referred to the dangerous conspiracies that are organised against the Islamic Ummah, and in particular the holy Quds, to destroy the foundations of resistance.

“Although these conspiracies were clear to us from the past times, this fact became more touchable in the recent months and days and after the Riyadh conference and Trump’s statements, who described Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas as his enemies while insisting on his Zionist attitude towards Quds in recognizing the city as the capital of Jews.”

Haniyeh further proclaimed the US’ recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime as a step towards removing the obstacles facing the regional rulers to form Arab-Israeli alliances to disarm the resistance movement.

He has also hailed the great role of the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the face of the project to defeat the Palestinian cause.

Haniyeh also reiterated that the resistance movement would never let the conspiracy of Trump come to a conclusion.

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