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‘Gentlemen’ Urging Talks with Iran Same Terrorists Who Killed Soleimani: Iran Leader

Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the Western “gentlemen” who are waiting for Iran at the negotiating table are the same terrorists who assassinated senior commander, General Qassem Soleimani, in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The Leader made the remarks on Friday in an address to a huge crowd of worshippers in his first Friday prayers sermon since 2012.

The European powers’ calls for negotiation with Iran are full of deceit, the Leader said.

The “gentlemen” sitting at the negotiating table are the very terrorists of Baghdad Airport (who assassinated General Soleimani).

“Their hands of steel are hidden under velvet gloves. They can’t be trusted,” he added.

He blasted the recent move by the UK, France, and Germany to threaten Iran with taking the JCPOA issue to the UN Security Council, and said the E3 are the ones who helped Saddam as much as they could during the Iraqi war on Iran.

Germany provided him with chemicals, the French government provided Iraq with choppers used to hit Iran’s oil tankers, and the UK government did its best to help Iran’s enemies and Saddam, the Leader noted.

“This is their background. We should look at them this way,” he said.

“I told you after the US withdrawal that the E3 are just paying lip service, and telling lies. I said I don’t trust them. Now you see they’re just pawns of the US. They’re trying to bring Iran to its knees, while even the US, which is their master, failed to do so.”

What follows is a summary of the Leader’s comments:

Past two weeks were exceptional, including bitter and sweet incidents and developments that teach lessons to Iranian nation.

It was a Day of God (Youm Allah) when huge crowds attended funerals for Gen. Soleimani in Iran, Iraq and other countries. The day when Iran missiles hit the US base was also a Day of God. These days were turning points in history. They weren’t normal days.

That Iran has the power to give such a slap to a world power shows hand of God. So this is a Day of God. These days will pass, but their impacts will remain on people’s lives. They have everlasting impacts.

It was God’s hand of power involved in the recent developments (huge crowds attending Soleimani funerals and IRGC’s attacks on US base). What other power could gather together such a huge crowd of people? The turnout was pledge of allegiance to Imam Khomeini’s path.

Zionist media empire across the world, along with US president and state sec, kept calling Soleimani a terrorist, but the developments unfolded in the opposite way. People in many countries commemorated him, and set fire to hegemonic powers’ flags. It’s hand of God
Gen. Soleimani’s martyrdom disgraced the notorious US administration. They assassinated strongest commander of fight against terrorism in region. Which other commander could do what he did?

US assassinated Gen. Soleimani in a cowardly way like a thief, which is a characteristic of Zionist regime. Americans have killed many people, but they didn’t confess in previous case. In Gen.

‘Gentlemen’ Urging Talks with Iran Same Terrorists Who Killed Soleimani: Iran Leader

Soleimani’s case, however, they admitted they’re terrorists.

IRGC’s strong reaction was a heavy blow to the US. It was an important military response, but even more important than that was the blow to the US’ face as a superpower.

US has been receiving blows by the strong Resistance in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. But the recent blow was the strongest one, a disgrace to the US, which they can never forget.

US will never be able to restore the reputation it lost after IRGC’s missile attacks on its military base in Iraq.

IRGC Quds Force is a humanitarian institution with clear humane motivations. They’re warriors without borders. They appear wherever it is needed. They maintain dignity of the oppressed. We should look at Quds Force this way.

Our country owes part of its security to efforts of IRGC Quds Force beyond borders, which have kept insecurity away from Iran. Yes, they are helping Palestine and others, but that finally contributes to Iran’s security.

ISIS was created not just for Iraq, but to disrupt Iran’s security. They’re stopped thanks to Quds Force efforts. Those [in Iran] who chanted ‘Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, Only Iran’ weren’t the ones who sacrificed their lives for their country. It was Soleimani who did so.

Millions of people who poured into streets in various Iranian cities to attend Soleimani’s funeral were from all ethnic groups. They’re all against US hegemony, and support Islamic Establishment. Iran nation showed it loves symbols of resistance. It’s against submission.

Those who try to portrait a different image of Iran nation to world are not telling truth. Iran nation is pro-resistance. The US clowns who claim to be standing by Iranian nation, must see the millions of people who pour into streets [in support for Establishment].

US spokespeople who claim to be standing by Iran nation are lying. Even if you’re standing by them, you’re waiting to stab them with your daggers. You have failed to do any damn thing, and will fail to do so in the future.

People’s cry for revenge was the fuel for missiles that pounded the US bases. (People chanting amid Iran Leader’s sermon: No compromise, no submission, only fight against US)

Some are trying to raise other issues to consign Gen. Soleimani’s issue into oblivion. One of them is the tragic Ukraine Plane Crash. It was very bitter and heartbreaking. No doubt. But some tried to portray it in a way that the killing of Soleimani is forgotten.

Those who focused on downing of Ukraine plane to consign killing of Soleimani into oblivion don’t consider national interests. They know nothing about national interests. They say what the enemies want.

As much as we were saddened by tragic Ukraine plane crash, the enemies became happy as they thought they’ve found a pretext to question IRGC and Islamic Establishment.

People will never forget the US assassination of Gen. Soleimani and IRGC’s destruction of the US bases. The memories will remain alive forever
Hereby I once again express sympathy with the survivors of Ukraine plane crash, and thank the parents and bereaved families for standing against enemy’s plot despite the tragedy. Mother of a victim wrote to me and said we’re standing by Islamic Republic.

Now that we know who they (Westerners) are, the solution is that Iranian nation is strengthened. We should strive to get stronger. We’re not afraid of negotiation (not with US, but with others). We have power, and will negotiate with power.

Iran is powerful, but not just in military sphere. We should also strengthen our economy. We should make hard efforts to reach a point where enemies would not even dare to threaten Iran.


Ayatollah Khamenei recites a verse from Holy Quran that advises the believers to remain patient as the good days are coming.

There are ambiguities regarding Ukraine Plane Crash. We thank IRGC commanders who explained to nation the reasons. But efforts must be made to prevent recurrence of such tragic incidents. I once again sympathize with survivors.

People’s turnout in upcoming parliamentary elections will insure the country and frustrate enemies. They’re hatching all the plots they can to discourage people. Nation! Be careful not to be deceived by enemy’s plot
[The Leader continued his sermon in Arabic, addressing regional nations:]

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

I would like to have a brief word with you Arab brothers in this critical period in the history of the region. Recently, a great and brave Iranian general and a self-sacrificing and pure-hearted Iraqi fighter were martyred by the American military and at the order of the US terrorist boss. The crime was committed in a totally cowardly manner and not in a face-to-face battle. Martyr General Soleimani was the one who was present with an exemplary bravery on the frontlines and in most dangerous situations, fighting fearlessly. And he was the most influential factor in defeating ISIS terrorist elements and their ilk in Syria and Iraq. Not brave enough to face him in the battlefield the Americans carried out an airstrike on him, shedding his and his companions’ blood while he was at the Baghdad airport at the invitation of the Iraqi government. Once again the bloods of the sons of Iran and Iraq coalesced and were shed for the cause of Allah.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps quickly dealt a blow in response, devastating the US base with its missiles, trampling upon the cruel and arrogant government’s awe and reputation, whose main punishment will be its expulsion from the region. The Iranian nation bid an unparalleled farewell to the two great fighters. The Iraqi nation held a totally reverential funeral procession and in several other countries people expressed their sympathy through their fervent rallies.

There have been many malicious attempts to poison the Iranian and Iraqi nations’ minds against each other, hefty amount of money was spent, and irresponsible people were hired. In Iran there was mischievous propaganda against the Iraqi nation and in Iraq against the Iranian nation. This great martyrdom refuted all the diabolical attempts and devil temptations.

What I would like to tell you is that the Islamic power, our and your power, is capable of overcoming the apparent awe of the corrupt material powers. The western powers managed to dominate the countries in the region relying upon science and technology, with their weapons and spurious propaganda and with their sly policies.

And whenever they had to leave a country because of a popular movement they spared no effort to hatch plots, make intelligence inroads, and political and economic domination. And they implanted the malign gland of the Zionist regime in the heart of western Asian countries, planning a perpetual menace to the countries in the region.

After the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran, harsh political and military blows was dealt to the occupying regime, ensued by a chain of the defeats of the arrogant powers headed by the US, from Iraq and Syria to Gaza and Lebanon, and from Yemen to Afghanistan. The enemy’s media accused Iran of proxy wars. This is a great lie. The nations in the region have awakened. Iran’s capability for long-term resistance to the malice of the US has had its impact on the public atmosphere in the region and the nations’ spirit.

The destiny of the region is rescue from the arrogant domination of the US and freedom of Palestine from the governance of the Zionist aliens.

The nations’ efforts should make the time of achieving this goal draw nearer. The Islamic world should remove the sources of division. The unity between Ulema will [lead to] discovering Islamic ways for [achieving] a new Islamic lifestyle.

Collaboration among our universities will enhance science and technology and build infrastructure of the new civilization. Harmony among our media will reform our public culture in a radical manner.

Links among our armed forces will ward off war and invasion from our region forever. Relations among our markets will rid the economy of our countries of the domination of plundering companies. Our people’s visits and travels will bring with them a common language, camaraderie, unity and friendship. Our and your enemies intend to match their economies with our resources, their pride with humiliation of us and their rule with our division. They intend to destroy us by our own hands.

The US wants Palestine defenceless in front of merciless and criminal Zionists; Syria and Lebanon taken over by the governments relying on and hired by it; and Iraq and its oil wealth totally for itself. To achieve these sinister aims, it will not shy of doing the greatest wrongs and evils. The several-year ordeal in Syria, successive seditions in Lebanon, constant provocation and sabotage in Iraq are among the examples.

The blatant assassination of martyr Abu Mahdi the brave Commander of the Popular Mobilization Forces and martyr Soleimani the great General of the IRGC is a rare example of the sedition in Iraq.

They intend to achieve their filthy aims by giving rise to sedition and civil war and, in the end, Iraq’s disintegration and elimination of pious, combatant, mujahid, and compatriot forces. An instance of their flagrance is that after the Iraqi parliament’s resolution for the expulsion of the US forces, those who used to pretend to advocate democracy have set aside civilities stating that “we have come to Iraq to stay, and won’t leave.”

The Islamic world should open a new page.

Awakened consciences and pious hearts must awaken confidence in nations, and everyone should know that the only way to the deliverance of the nations is through resistance and not fearing the foe. May Allah grant his mercy and assistance to Muslim nations.

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