Monday, September 26, 2022

Foreign Ministry praised Iranian filmmakers for their support for nuclear talks

The Internet campaign launched by six Iranian filmmakers to support the nuclear talks has been appreciated by Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

On October 2, the Iranian Student News Agency quoted a statement by Public Relations Office of the Foreign Ministry as saying: “In conditions that numerous and extensive measures are constantly taken by hard-line and radical circles dependent on or close to the Zionist regime to ruin the atmosphere of nuclear talks and to hype up the failure of the ongoing negotiations, a move by the Iranian artists which has been recognized worldwide to reflect the intention of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the negotiations is a valuable and influential step.

“Regardless of domestic political matters, what critics say and the disagreements that remain, the campaign was launched in the framework of a general diplomatic move to make known the intention of Iran in the talks and obtain clear outcomes in line with national interests. It is also intended to enlighten the public opinion.

“Since the resumption of a new round of talks, the Zionist regime and circles across the world sharing its views have made multifaceted destructive attempts to poison the atmosphere in different fields and to disrupt, stop and foil the negotiations between Iran and P5+1. In fact, they are stepping up the efforts by the day.

“In such conditions, the participatory step and wholehearted contribution of our country’s filmmakers to support the nuclear talks and to secure results in line with the country’s national interests and objectives is a noticeable bid, especially following the recent anti-Iran comments by the Israeli prime minister at the UN General Assembly.

“The campaign covers a broad spectrum of different strata abroad, particularly in the realms of cinema, art and media. Such a move along with constant media activity and efforts by athletes and contribution by cultural and scientific figures, NGOs and many ordinary Iranians will definitely help foster a positive atmosphere in favor of our country.

“The Foreign Ministry extends its gratitude to all those who have expressed interest, and lent support and stood ready to help us promote the name and position of the Islamic Republic of Iran, back the activities of the diplomatic apparatus, the nuclear talks process and the conclusion of a deal in keeping with the strong stance of senior officials of the establishment and clear demands of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the talks.”

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