Friday, December 2, 2022

First Innovation Centre for Women Opens in Iran

The first innovation centre for Iranian women has been inaugurated at the University of Science and Technology in Tehran in a ceremony attended by the vice president for science and technology.

The centre has been opened to meet women’s need for a safe place where they can conduct social activities along with family activities in a bid to tap into the potential of women, who make up half of the country’s population, to help boost domestic economy.

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The women’s innovation centre is different from other centres in terms of infrastructure. In addition to a space for executive work, there is also a space for mothers and infants as well as a space to take care of children. Furthermore, children receive special training to get prepared to become entrepreneurs in the future.

The centre provides an atmosphere for all innovative ladies to put their ideas into practice.

Among other objectives of the project is to help boost interaction and cooperation among women with regards to entrepreneurship and start-up activities, standardization of the atmosphere needed by mothers at shared workplaces as well as at innovation centres, knowledge-based companies, etc.

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