Female spectators now allowed to attend stadiums in Iran

Iranian female spectators can now cheer on their favorite team alongside male fans at stadiums.

After being allowed into the Azadi Stadium in Tehran to watch games up close, ladies are now permitted to go to stadiums in other provinces as well.

In a soccer competition n Wednesday, both female and male spectators were watching the game passionately rooting for their favorite team. It was the first time that women were allowed to go to the stadium in the town of Sirjan in southeastern Kerman Province.

“With their orderly, fervid and successful attendance, the ladies of Sirjan paved the way for the attendance of other women in stadiums across the nation,” reported local media.

Women’s presence in stadiums has become a controversial issue in recent years in Iran.

While many women have longed to watch football matches in stadiums, they were not allowed to do so. Authorities attributed this problem to the lack of technical preparations.

The International football federation, FIFA, has recently warned the Iranian Football Federation that not allowing women to attend stadiums will have serious consequences for Iran.

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