Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Expert: Europeans cannot reverse resolution that ended anti-Iran missile sanctions

An Iranian political commentator has said the European countries will not be able to reverse a resolution that has already been approved and ends the missile sanctions on Iran.

Hassan Beheshtipour told Entekhab news outlet the reason why the Europeans insist on pushing for preventing the expiration of the sanctions in October is the Ukraine war in which, they claim, Iran is involved by giving Russia combat drones.

Beheshtipour added that the only thing the European side can do is avoiding the implementation of the resolution.

He referred to efforts by the European Union to end the Ukraine war. Beheshtipour said the world will not be what it was before the war, adding that the cessation of the hostilities in Ukraine will also affect Iran.

The Iranian expert noted that the impact on Iran by the stoppage of the war will be positive because the end of the war will end the adverse effect of the claims over drones.

Beheshtipour also said peace will be good and will be in tاe interest of the whole world anyway. But he rejected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s peace initiative, saying it would be treated by Russia as a non-starter as it calls on the Kremlin to withdraw from four regions including Crimea, which he described as highly unlikely.

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