Europe Cannot Save Iran Nuclear Deal: IRGC Chief

IRGC Chief-Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari says the Iran nuclear deal will eventually collapse, as he believes European parties to the accord will fail to distance themselves from the US and side with Iran.

Speaking on Wednesday, General Jafari said he is pleased with US walking out of the deal, as the nuclear accord had already been violated by Washington and Iran was not benefiting from it.

“It was clear that the Americans are unreliable and [the US exit] proved once again that Washington cannot be trusted,” he said, as reported by Fars News Agency.

The IRGC chief said the US exit from the nuclear pact will not produce a marked effect on Iran’s national interests.

Jafari said the Iranian nation made huge progress when it was under heavy sanctions and they can further develop the country by using vast domestic capacities.

The IRGC chief said the US exit showed Iran’s nuclear program was just a pretext for the US to place pressure on Iran, and their real concern is Iran’s military might and its regional influence.

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