Sunday, March 3, 2024

EU eases sanctions on Afghanistan

European Union has eased its sanctions against Afghanistan to let humanitarian aid into the country. Afghanistan is going through a humanitarian crisis and over half of its population is starving.

The EU has followed the United Nations adoption of a humanitarian exemption to Taliban-related sanctions on 22 December 2021.

The move which is followed by the ease in financial restriction on Afghanistan by the US will definitely help the Afghan people in terms of their livelihood.

As per the new exemptions by the EU, it will allow frozen assets of Afghanistan to be used for the delivery of humanitarian assistance and other activities that support basic human needs in the country or to support such activities.

In the meantime, the exemptions will also allow the process and use of the fund for the above-mentioned purposes.

EU and the US are not the two major players that eased sanctions on Afghanistan but the United Kingdom also adopted the same exemptions last week.

Not only the Afghan people and the de facto authorities in Afghanistan, but international humanitarian agencies have also asked for ease in economic and financial sanctions on the country that has affected the lives of millions of impoverished people.

Afghanistan Central Bank- Da Afghanistan Bank- has also welcomed the decision of the US Department of Treasury based on which international banks can transfer money to Afghanistan.

Da Afghanistan Bank in a series of Twitter posts applauded the move and asked for further facilitation in banking relations for the betterment of the private sector in Afghanistan.

The central bank added that based on the permission of the US Treasury Department, international aid agencies can transfer money to the health sector, education sector, and any sector in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, De Afghanistan Bank has also denied the claim of the head of UNDP Abdullah Al Dardari over Afghanistan International Bank unable to convert their dollars to Afghani.

The bank has announced that they convert dollars to Afghani in consultation with private banks on daily basis.

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