Education Minister Makes Surprise Visit to Christian School in Tehran

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Minister of Education Mohsen Haji-Mirzaei has paid a surprise visit to a girls’ school for Christian students in Tehran.

The ministerial visit to “Aras” elementary and high school on Sunday morning came two days before the beginning of the new Christian year.

In the visit, the Education Minister congratulated the students, the school staff and their families on the birth anniversary of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) and the new year 2020.

Presenting flowers to the students of the Christian school, mainly comprised of Armenian girls, Haji-Mirzaei said the future of Iran would be shaped by today’s students.

Asked by the minister about the bilingual education in the school, one of the teachers explained that students learn lessons in the Persian language in all classes, but are free to speak the Armenian language with each other without any problem.

In a meeting with the teachers at the school’s office, Haji-Mirzaei said his Ministry has established a task force on the revision and updating of theology at the Christian schools.

Highlighting the exemplary and peaceful co-existence of religions in Iran, the minister assured the Armenian Diocese of Iran that there is no discrimination between the Muslim and Christian schools in the Islamic Republic.

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