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Disability does not mean inability

The story of a physically impaired, but mentally accomplished, man who does big jobs against all odds and rises to the challenge.

Amir Rezaei is a young Iranian inventor and innovator who has lived with disability since childhood. His postmature birth – 30 seconds though – has cost him motor skills, but cerebral palsy (CP) has done little to stop his brain from functioning well. At the age of 28, Amir has registered as many as 130 inventions.

Mehr News Agency has released a report on the life and inventions of the physically challenged Iranian man who is the brains behind a large number of inventions which are his cherished possessions as well. The following is the translation of part of the report:

Amir was born 30 seconds late. His physical disability made his parents reach out to physiotherapists. By the age of 13, he had to do tough exercises for the smallest of movements. At 14, he started to walk. His 13-year efforts paid off in his teens and doctors called it a pure miracle since CP patients can hardly overcome their walking disability.

He went to school like other children studying the same books. As a person with disability, he had few options. He studied the humanities at school and pursued public administration at university. Then he stopped there and did not seek to go to higher levels because – as he put it – he had other important things to do.

Amir is a prolific inventor. He started to like inventors when he was seven. One day he decided to meet his own needs. He made an electric spoon to feed the disabled people. He then sought to patent his inventions.

Later he started to take bigger steps, wishing to make something to meet all people’s needs. A smart locking system was his second invention. Amir says he has been invited by German officials to visit the country after this invention.

“The smart system can be installed on any lock which pops open naturally when its own key is applied. In case another key is slid into the lock, the second lock kicks in, the thief is filmed and 20 people are contacted about the theft. Later the film captured on camera is sent to the homeowner. The second lock will never open; even the homeowner cannot force it open. Only the company that has produced the lock can open it.”

He has entered talks with a sponsor to produce a similar smart lock for automobiles. Amir says his dad takes care of the practical aspects of his inventions and he is only the brains behind the novel devices. He spends a lot of time at his computer doing research and designing work.

Amir says he has a middle-income family but they feel financially strained when it comes to supplying the items he needs for his work.

Amir also tries to be a source of inspiration and motivation for children with disability. Each day he meets these children and talks them out of hiding behind their disability and into trying to rise above their physical restraint.



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