Damascus Airport Reportedly Hit by Israeli Air Raids (+Video)

Preliminary reports show that the Israeli regime’s jet fighters have targeted Damascus International Airport or its perimeters.

Photos and a video clip have emerged of burning fuel or gas at the Damascus International Airport. Al Manar TV, which is affiliated with the Lebanese Resistance Group Hezbollah, says the Israeli regime has been probably behind the explosions.

Russian news agency Sputnik also reported that Israel was behind the attack.

The reports say that there were five airstrikes against the airport or its vicinity, Al Masdar reported.

It has not been revealed yet the nature of the damage to the airport, but the strikes occurred at around 03:25 A.M. local time.

According to Al Manar, initial indications were that the blast had caused only material damage and not deaths.

The Damascus International Airport is still used for civilian flights, including routes to Qamishli in Syria’s northeast, Tehran in Iran and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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