Daesh claims responsibility for attack on shrine near Syria’s Damascus

The Daesh terror group has claimed responsibility for an attack on the Sayeda Zeinab shrine south of the Syrian capital, Damascus, that killed several people and wounded others.

Daesh announced on Friday it was behind a bombing south of Damascus the day before that killed at least six people and wounded 20.

It also claimed responsibility for another attack that took place at the same shrine earlier this week in which two people were wounded.

Shia shrines are a frequent target of attacks by extremists of the Daesh group, not only in Syria but also in neighboring Iraq.

The shrine of Sayeda Zeinab – the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and sister of Hussein ibn Ali (AS) – is a site of mass pilgrimage for Shia Muslims from across the world.

The terrorist Daesh group has claimed some previous attacks on the site. One attack in 2017 killed at least 40 people.

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