Thursday, February 2, 2023

Crisis in Liberated Iraq: Children with Birth Certificates Issued by ISIS!

After the ISIS terrorist group occupied the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, it established a registration system to issue identification documents for the inhabitants. Many children now have ID cards issued by the terrorist group.

According to a Farsi report by Jame Jam newspaper, to the children of Mosul, the damages of ISIS occupation aren’t limited to physical and mental harms: any child who is born in ISIS-controlled areas after June 2014 has ISIS-issued identification documents.

Aram Abolkarim, a legal expert on identity of newcomers, announced that ISIS established its administrative registration system just a month after the occupation of Mosul.

He went on to say that families should stay in camps until official Iraqi birth certificates are issued for their children – a process that may take several years.

As the polygamy is common among regional inhabitants, they have larger families, thus require more birth certificates. Furthermore, certain families have all their birth, marriage and death certificates issued by ISIS.

“The battle of Mosul liberation has prolonged too much. Even after the end of war, it will take several years to solve the problems. The problem is too complicated to be resolved by simply returning home,” said Lawak Ahmad, the governor of Qandil region, Iraq.

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