Friday, February 3, 2023

Photo of the Day

Joy of Recovering from COVID-19

An Iranian woman who has recovered from COVID-19 talks to her relatives via video call Photo by Fatemeh Hashemi, Mizan

Burial of Iranians Who Died of COVID-19

A group of volunteers bury the people who died of the novel Coronavirus in Iran's Mazandaran province. Photos by Mohammad Rezaei, Fars News Agency

Milad Tower Turns Green in Praise of Medical Staff

Tehran's iconic Milad Tower turned green on Sunday night to praise efforts of healthcare staff, and to urge people to Stay Home

Spring in Iran’s Isfahan

Photo by Sadeq Basirat, YJC

Nowruz Celebration amid COVID-19 Battle in Hospital

Iranian doctors and nurses fighting Coronavirus celebrate Persian New Year and Nowruz in the hospital Photo by Shahab Ghayoumi, Mehr News Agency

Iranian Doctor Fights Corona Until Her Last Breath

Iranian doctor Shirin Rouhani-Rad has died of hashtag coronavirus. This viral photo shows until last hours of her life she was visiting patients and tried to help, even when she was receiving intravenous infusion

Moment of Relaxation amid Corona Battle

Iranian doctor taking some rest after long hours of battle against Coronavirus in Babol Hospital

Disinfection of Tabriz Grand Bazaar

The firefighters of Tabriz, a city in north-western Iran, disinfect the city's historical bazaar as part of efforts to contain the spread of Coronavirus. Photo by Maryam Ebrahimeh, ISNA

Masal Village; Centre of Daffodil Cultivation in Iran

Masal village in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran is a hub of growing daffodil flowers in Iran. These flowers are now being sold to customers ahead of the Persian New Year. Photo by Gholam-Reza Shams Nateri, Fars News Agency

Carpet Cleaning ahead of Persian New Year

Photo by Mahshid Fallahi, Mizan News Agency

Citizen Giving Flower to Firefighter Disinfecting Tehran

A Tehran citizen giving flower to a firefighter disinfecting the city amid the coronavirus outbreak Photo by Amir-Reza Moghaddam, YJC

A Moment of Relief

A cyclist riding his motorcycle in front of a truck disinfecting the city of Tehran Photo by Reza Bagheri Sharaf, DANA

Disinfection of Public Places in Iran’s Hamadan

Public places of Iran's Hamadan are disinfected three times a day by the municipality in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Photo by Pourya Pakizeh, ISNA

Migratory Swans in Northern Iran

Swans annually come to Fereydounkenar in northern Iran to spend the cold season there. Photo by Mahdi Mohevbi Pour, Mizan

Iranians Using Public Transportation More Cautiously

Scared of CoronavirusOutbreak in Iran, people use public transportation more cautiously Photo by Mostafa Rudaki, Mizan

Voting in Remote Iranian Village

People cast their votes in a ballot box taken to the impassable snowy villages of Kouhrang in western Iran. Photo by Pantea Nikzad, Mehr News Agency

Ice climbing in Hamadan’s Ganjnameh waterfall

Photo by Mohammad-Amin Najafi, YJC

Heavy Snow in Koohrang City, Western Iran

Koohrang is a city in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, west of Iran. Photo by Mahmoud Raeisi, IRNA

Snowfall in Rasht, north of Iran

Photo by Khashayar Javanmardi, Tasnim

Iranian Art: Folklore Music of Kerman Province

Local songs of this land are usually mournful and heartbreaking. Photo by Raheleh Hessari, IRNA

Flood-Hit Children in Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan

Cultural and recreational programs for children affected by the recent flood in Iran's Sistan and Baluchestan. Photo by Mohsen Roshandeh, ILNA

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