Iran’s economy, while diversified, is still heavily influenced by the state of the oil and gas market. Read more about recent news and developments in the sector here.

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Iran vows to double oil exports after sanctions lifted

Iran’s deputy oil minister says oil exports will reach 2.3 million barrels, compared with around 1.2 million barrels a day today.

Report: Turkey in talks to buy Iran fuel oil

Turkey is discussing imports of fuel oil from Iran which is running a surplus of the product amid a decline in domestic consumption, local media said on Thursday.

Iran buys ‘most advanced’ oil vessel

An Iranian energy official has said as many as 30 European and Asian companies have held talks with Iran in recent months to invest in the country’s oil and gas projects.

Iranian official rejects reports on energy talks with US companies

Hosseini said Iran has already held negotiations with major European energy giants.

Iran’s return to oil market gradual: Zanganeh

Zanganeh said oil market stability through balanced supply and demand will remain a priority for OPEC under all circumstances.
Iran - Pakistan- Pipe lie

Pakistan is counting the cost of its blind obedience to the US

The US has warned energy-poor Pakistan against implementing a gas pipeline project with Iran to counter the growing presence of China in the Muslim country.
Oil refinery in India

Asia refiners renew Iran crude purchase deal

Chinese, Indian, South Korean, Japanese and Turkish refiners have all extended their oil purchase contracts with Iran, said Ghamsari.
oil technology

Iran cites key oil technology success

Iran’s Oil Ministry has said its experts have been able to build a gas microbubble generator which facilitates drillings into oil wells.
Martin Schaefer

Berlin after energy deals with Tehran: Official

The German foreign ministry spokesman has said a final nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1would help set the stage for energy cooperation between Tehran and Berlin.

Italy’s giant energy company ‘Eni’ eyes role in Iran

Officials from Eni conducted negotiations with the Iranian oil minister a few days ago on development of Iran’s joint fields, said Abdolreza Haji Hosseininejad.

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