Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Iran would export gasoline next year

An official has said Iran would export gasoline beginning next year with operation of the news oil refinery.

The government is resolved to produce gasoline in the path to self-sufficiency.

It would be possible, an official says, with completion of the first phase of the Persian Gulf Star refinery in the second half of the Iranian year (September 2014) the Iranian year (September 2014) which will bale Iran to meet domestic gasoline need and export 20 million liters of gasoline and LNG.

Abbas Kazemi, the directing manager of National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company said that the first phase of the refinery would produce 12 million liters of gasoline daily which would totally be consumed domestically, “about 3 million liters of surplus production of Bandar Abbas and Abadan refineries will be exported.”

“In 2006, Iran imported 30 million liters of gasoline daily, which decreased to 10 million liters when we developed domestic production capabilities, and we predict that imports would be about 7 million liters the current year and subsequently zero in 2015,” he added.

Shahrokh Khosravani, deputy to Kazemi, also said that the first phase of Persian Gulf Star would start operation in October, and the second and third phases to operate within few months then.

He said that Persian Gulf Star would help production to soar to 96 million liters daily, of which 26 million liters would be exported.

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