Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Blood Bank Centrifuges Produced by Iranian Researchers

A knowledge-based Iranian company has managed to develop a domestic blood bank centrifuge machine which is one of the essential equipment needed for blood transfusion bases and some medical centres.

According to Iran’s scientific calendar just four decades ago, glass capsules containing ampule drugs were imported from abroad, but today, in the wake of dramatic developments, significant advances have been made in the field of medical equipment.

Domesticising all the needed medical equipment is part of the country’s strategic plan for the foreseeable future, which is now being implemented by creative youth and dynamic companies.

Sina Ebtekar Samen is an engineering knowledge-based company in Mashhad that has focused on manufacturing medical devices. The company has been able to consolidate its position as one of the leading companies in the field by selling blood bank centrifuges as one of the few manufacturers of the device.

An official from the company says a similar foreign sample is priced at more than 35,000 USD, but the Iranian centrifuge is priced at about 15,000 USD.

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He added that on the sidelines of the Exhibition of Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, they have been in direct contact with blood transfusion sites across the country and have been able to reach preliminary agreements to sell the product.

Blood banks spin a variety of containers as small as serology tubes and as large as blood collection bags. The things that set blood bank centrifuges apart are the need for temperature control, ergonomics, noise reduction, and high capacity

Sina Ebtekar Samen engineering company is working in four fields of biomedical refrigerators, medical and laboratory centrifuges, storage and transportation of blood and biotechnology products, and stem cell processing and maintenance systems.

The 7th Iranian Exhibition of Laboratory Equipment and Materials will be held at Tehran International Fairground from December 17 to 20. Those interested can visit the exhibition’s website at www.iranlabexpo.ir or call +982183533555.

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