Biden may ask US Congress for more funding to support Ukraine, Israel: WH

The administration of US President Joe Biden may ask the Congress to approve additional funding to better support Israel and Ukraine at the same time, White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby has stated.

“We believe both are are important, support to Ukraine needs to continue… it’s a critical need, we’re going to continue to make that case on Capitol Hill,” Kirby said during a conference call on Monday.

“If we need to go back to Capitol Hill for additional funding support for Israel, we will absolutely do that.”

Earlier on Monday, US Army Secretary Christine Wormuth stated the US military will need additional support from Congress to be able to provide security assistance to Ukraine and Israel at the same time.

On Sunday, the United States announced it was providing Israel with security assistance that will begin arriving in the coming days.

US lawmakers also hope to immediately approve legislation to provide further security assistance to Israel, including to replenish its Iron Dome air defense system, but there is concern the lack of a House of Representative speaker may delay that process. The House of Representatives cannot engage in normal business until a new House speaker is elected.

A Pentagon spokeswoman told reporters on Monday Washington can meet all of Israel’s requests for weapons, equipment and ammunition while continuing to support Kiev.

“We are able to continue our support both to Ukraine, Israel, and maintain our own global readiness,” a senior Department of Defense official said in a background briefing.

“While we are providing and will continue to provide a significant amount of support to Ukraine, we are careful about ensuring we can also respond to other crises and contingencies, support other partners and maintain our own military readiness and our ability to support others,” the official later added.

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