Biden Must Abandon Trump’s Bans If He Wants Vienna Talks to Bear Fruit: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has told European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell that the new US administration’s use of Trump’s sanctions as leverage in the Vienna talks is not acceptable.

In a phone conversation on Thursday night, Zarif and Borrell discussed the latest developments pertaining to the Vienna talks and the considerable headway made with the negotiations.

Zarif appreciated efforts made by Borrell and his colleagues at the EU’s External Action Service.

Meanwhile, the top Iranian diplomat criticised Washington’s ongoing economic terrorism over the past five months as well as its continued violation of its commitments.

Zarif reiterated that it would not be acceptable to see the administration of US President Joe Biden continue to use the illegal and inhumane sanctions imposed by his predecessor Donald Trump as leverage in the talks.

“A fundamental change in this approach is a sine qua non for the Vienna talks to be fruitful, and this is a political decision that the US president should adopt,” Zarif said.

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