Saturday, April 20, 2024

All vaccination centers in Iran giving Covid booster shot

Iranian healthcare workers administered 813,654 doses of vaccine to Iranians over the past 24 hours. That’s according to the Health Ministry on Wednesday.

So far, 53,310,456 people have received the first dose of Covid vaccine and 36,655,534 have been fully inoculated. Meanwhile, 102,866 people have received the booster shot, the third dose of Covid vaccine. Now all vaccination places are giving the third dose to citizens.

Despite the accelerating vaccination campaign, Covid is still killing people in Iran, though in lower numbers compared with the peak of the fifth wave of the pandemic.

The disease has killed 147 more Iranians over the past 24 hours. The fatalities push the number of those killed so far since the start of the Pandemic to 126,763.

The downward trend in Covid deaths, infections and hospitalizations has continued over the past couple of months thanks to the vaccination process.

Meanwhile the Mask application that monitors the state of Covid across Iran shows the number of cities marked red has risen from 22 to 29. Red is the highest level of risk from Covid. Mask also says 112 cities are orange, 221 yellow, and 86 blue, which are respectively the signs of decreasing risk, with blue showing a return to normal.

Iranian authorities have repeatedly warned citizens against relaxing health protocols as the situation is fragile with regard to the Covid pandemic.

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