Afghans urge US to release frozen assets

Dozens of people took to the streets of Kabul on Sunday calling for the release Afghanistan’s assets blocked by the United States.

They called for the release of around $9 billion in the central bank assets blocked by the United States following the fall of the republic government in mid-August.

The rally members also asked Muslim nations and the international community to recognize the Islamic Emirate (IE) and advocate for the release of Afghan assets.

“Afghanistan is faced with huge problems amidst a harsh winter. The protesters’ demand is that Afghanistan’s assets are unblocked. The money belongs to the people of Afghanistan,” said Abubakr Zaland, a protester.

“People have protested here for the release of Afghan assets. We urge the world, especially the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states, to recognize the current government,” said Mohammad Nasim Zawak, a protester.

The rally members stated the international community will be responsible if any crisis happens in the country.

They asked the international community to engage with the Islamic Emirate to avert a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

“Our today’s protest is to call on the international community to recognize the current government and engage with it,” noted Hamidullah, a protester.

The demonstrators issued a 12-article statement, listing their demands and asking the international community to address their problems.

“The international community should respect the sacrifices the Afghans have made and should stop creating problems and interference in Afghan affairs. All the countries should recognize the Islamic Emirate and start engaging with it,” Qudratullah Niazi, a protester, added.

Unfreezing Afghanistan central bank’s assets and recognizing the Islamic Emirate were the core demands chanted by the protesters during their protest. The protesters warned of staging widespread rallies in Kabul and other the provinces if their demands are not met.

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