Saturday, June 3, 2023

“Any Adventurism Will Make US Rue the Day”

A top Iranian official has downplayed the anti-Iran claims by the head of the US Central Command, and warned the United States of any “adventurism” regarding Tehran’s actions in the region.

Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaee has cautioned that Washington will regret any adventurism concerning Tehran’s moves and measures.

“Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan, and any adventurism will make you regret it,” Rezaei warned on his Instagram page.

His remarks came in reaction to comments by Joseph Votel, the head of the US Central Command.

Rezaei said Votel has rehashed accusations against Iran and called for military action to stop Iran’s activities.

“In response to [remarks by] this American military commander, one should say that Iran’s activities in the Persian Gulf and the region are aimed at ensuring security and stability,” the Iranian official underlined.

“You’d better halt illegitimate interference in the region by your allies and stop them from killing people,” said Rezaei.

“Beware! They might pull the rug from under your feet; and don’t forget the case of Mr. Bush when it comes to warmongering,” said Rezaei.

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