PA chief Abbas ejects proposals to relocate Gazans in meeting with Blinken

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called for an immediate end to hostilities in Gaza and rejected any attempt to relocate Palestinians from the strip in a meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Ramallah, according to a readout of the meeting reported by the official Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Abbas discussed the importance of efforts to “stop the Israeli aggression” against Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, and the importance of “accelerating the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip”, according to the report.

He also highlighted statements made by Israeli ministers and officials that “call for the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their land”, and stressed his government’s “complete rejection of the displacement of any Palestinian citizen” in Gaza or the West Bank.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Sunday told NBC that the resettlement of Palestinians out of Gaza is “outright, officially and unequivocally” not Israel’s position.

Abbas told Blinken that any plans by the Israeli government to separate or divide the Gaza Strip would be unacceptable.

He added that the conflict needs to end in order for an internationally legitimate political solution, including the creation of a Palestinian state, to be implemented, according to the statement.

Blinken, in meetings with Israeli government leaders Tuesday, had said the Israeli government must move toward a two-state solution if it wants the help of Arab partners in the region with lasting security.

He also stressed that Palestinians must be allowed to return to their homes in Gaza “as soon as conditions allow” and must not be displaced from the enclave,

Sky News Arabia has also reported that the meeting between Abbas and Blinken was described as “tense” and involving “quarrels and arguments”.

Israel first called for residents in the northern Gaza Strip to move to the south soon after the assault began on Oct. 7, despite warnings that such a mass migration would lead to a humanitarian disaster. Many did, hoping the south would be safer, but there have been many attacks in the southern Gaza Strip too.

Israeli bombardment has killed thousands of civilians in the areas of the Gaza Strip that Israel has ordered them to move to.

The Palestinian Hamas movement has denounced as “a war crime accompanied by criminal aggression” the latest call by Israeli officials for Palestinian residents of Gaza to leave the besieged region in order for extremist settlers to return to the area after the war.

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