A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on March 18

Iranian Newspapers

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, and picked headlines from 10 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Aftab-e Yazd:

1- Will Coronavirus Lift Iran Sanctions?

2- Iranian Calendar Year 1398 Is Over, But with Great Difficulty



1- A Corona-Hit Nowruz



1- Our Hearts Are Bloody, but May Our Faces Have Smiles on Them

* Spring Comes as Iran Hit by Coronavirus



1- Nowruz Arrives

2- Rouhani: We’ll Overcome Difficult Days

3- Zarif: It’s Unethical to Just Watch US’ Sanctions



1- May All Problems Be Solved in New Year

* A Year Full of Incidents Is Over



1- May Nowruz Defeats Coronavirus

2- Iranian Medicine Successfully Tested for Treatment of Coronavirus-Related Lung Problem



1- State Bodies Introduce Supportive Measures to Help Businesses against Corona

2- War Condition Declared in West: French Will Be Fined If They Leave Home



1- Increased Hopes for Treatment of Coronavirus


Setareh Sobh:

1- Persian Year Started with Flood, Is Ending with Corona



1- A Review of Iran’s Oil Contracts; Long-Term Benefit from Oil Price War

Fatemeh Askarieh is an Iranian journalist working on a range of fields including culture, art, lifestyle, cultural heritage, and tourism. She has been working with the Iran Front Page (IFP) Media Group for 10 years, and is currently the head of the Art and Lifestyle Department.


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